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Operators for XXL Doors and Gates

Our References: Hangar and Shipyard Doors

Sometimes you have to think big... particularly when it comes to developing opener solutions for XXL doors and gates!

Special Solutions: Drives for XXL Doors

Special Aspects of Giant Doors

Requests for gate operators exceeding normal dimensions are received every now and again – and we are pleased to be able to work with our customers to develop creative solutions

Some halls have a particularly large passageway. A standard sectional door or roller shutter is insufficient for a safe and high quality seal. This is because size and weight place extremely high demands on the materials. To prevent the door from bending, for example, the sections of a sectional door are designed with additional bracing on the door leaf.

Operators for Hangar Doors

Hangar doors are custom-made; there are no standard solutions. Hence, the drive for such enormous doors needs to be just as individual: Because it is the only way to ensure it perfectly matches the on-site circumstances. 

Special solutions for hangar door drives
Special solutions for hangar door drives

Operators for Shipyard Doors

29 meters high, 21 meters wide: Shipyard doors are enormous. And due to the considerable weight of the door, they also require a drive solution that is tailored to them. This allows us to guarantee safety, reliability, and durability.

Special solutions for shipyard door drives
Special solutions for shipyard door drives

What Can We Do for You?

Do you also require a custom operator solution? Or do you have an idea in mind, but are uncertain as to its feasibility? Contact us via our contact form. We will do everything within our power to realize your concepts!

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