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Comfort Speed series

Garage door operator Comfort 260 270 Speed

Two to ignite the turbo: For those who would like more power for their garage door drive, but who value compact design, the Comfort Speed series is just right. The drive comes in the slim design of the 200 series, but in terms of its high power and speed comes close to the Comfort 360. The scope of delivery for all models also includes two of the popular Digital 572 handheld transmitters.

Comfort 260 Speed

The Comfort 260 Speed lifts a full 20 kilograms more compared to our classic Comfort 260. And does so at breath-taking speed. Instead of 14 seconds, the Speed manages to open the door in 9.5 seconds on average.

Comfort 270 Speed

The Comfort 270 Speed garage door drive delivers on its promise: faster, higher, further. It moves doors up to 5.5 metres wide in 9 seconds on average and supports a maximum weight of 185 kilograms - 20 more than its little brother.

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