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Get more out of your parking spaces, underground or collective garages!

Parking spots are precious, particularly in cities. We support you as an operator or planner of a parking area, underground or collective garage with utilizing your parking space in a manner that is not only economical, but also convenient, modern, and smart. We will provide you with guidance from the planning stage through to the implementation and the ongoing operation of your parking project.

You can flexibly combine our function modules according to your individual requirements. Furthermore, we also supply, install and maintain all the necessary hardware and software components. Naturally, functions can be added or removed at any time, and new solutions can also be integrated in the future.

Custom adaptations for customers and networked solutions are also possible. The focus here is on building intelligence.

Discover our portfolio of products and services for digital parking space management in the following pages!

Don't manage chaos, organize your parking spaces – with parking systems from Marantec.

Our Solutions for Parking Areas

Our Solutions for Underground and Collective Garages

We Offer Complete Solutions!

Parking lot systems from Marantec. Our parking systems are smart and software-based. And flexible in order to cater to customer requirements. We combine clever solutions with proven technology that ensures smooth operations

Digital booking via app: Modern, convenient, and secure via smartphone.

License plate capture and matching: Secure and fast, so that your visitors can take care of the truly important things. 

Upon request, also available with parking lot guide: The app shows the reserved parking spot and guides the driver to it. 

No phone? No problem! Alternatively, access is also possible by means of software-based handheld transmitters. You don't need to decide. Simply offer both. Access to the parking lot via app and via our secure handheld transmitters.

Parking Lot or Underground Parking Garage?

As mentioned, our parking systems can be flexibly adapted. You are not limited to one entry point, nor to access regulation via barriers. You can additionally equip and manage underground garages secured using roller shutters. Marantec not only supplies the operators, controls and safety features for all systems, we also provide you with the software for easy and flexible management of your parking spaces and underground garages. 

So what's next? Marantec remains by your side. Nobody knows the system better than us. Hence, we would also be glad to perform maintenance on all parking systems. 

What Can We Do for You?

Let yourself be inspired by our sample projects, which explain our solutions and services in plain language. This way, you can also find the right product packages and services for your individual parking situation on site.

Parking Space Solutions from Marantec