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Door/gate control via app

maveo – invest in tomorrow today

Easily control your gates and doors using your smartphone. In addition to high-quality openers for gates and garage doors, Marantec also provides convenient and secure solutions for controlling and operating them. Do you always have your smartphone with you? If so, you can enjoy the convenience of using an app to control your doors and gates. 

maveo is a fully-fledged smart garage system. maveo allows you to get more out of your garage and simplify your day-to-day life. With the maveo app, you can control your garage doors and yard gates, check whether your door is open or closed at any time, from anywhere, as well as integrate additional smart devices. This allows you to e.g. regulate the humidity in your garage.

Easy, expandable, future-proof: Even without cables, door and gate openers can easily be networked with maveo. Expanding the system is also a breeze. Humidity sensors and a wide range of smart devices from renowned manufacturers such as Philips, IKEA TRÅDFRI and NetAtmo can be integrated. We are continuously developing maveo and the related applications. With maveo, you can invest in tomorrow today.

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This scanner turns your garage into a secure storage locker

Whatever your plans for your garage: maveo will help you realize them. maveo scanner turns your garage into a secure storage location for parcels.

This is how easy it is to receive parcels with it: Simply enter the tracking number into your maveo app. The delivery staff or postal worker scans the delivery with the maveo scanner: The garage door opens, your parcel can be placed inside, and the door closes automatically after a few seconds.  
And the best thing is: In the maveo app, you can see when the maveo scanner was used and your parcel was delivered. 

Furthermore, the maveo scanner can not only accept parcels: It reads barcodes and QR codes in accordance with industrial standards. This also allows you to use it for convenient and secure access solutions.

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