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ATEX: Operator Systems for Explosion-Protected Areas

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Be it in the pharmaceutical industry, in oil and gas processing or in the food industry: Many companies have explosion hazard areas, where gases, vapors or dusts can form an explosive mixture in combination with air. To prevent such a mixture from igniting, there must not be any flying sparks from electrical equipment. Accordingly, these areas must comply with certain safety guidelines, also when it comes to choosing a suitable door operator or control system. 

And this is where our ATEX operators and ATEX control units come in!

What Exactly Does ATEX Mean?

The term ATEX is derived from the French expression “Atmosphères explosibles” and refers to the European directives for explosion hazard areas. In order to protect persons in such areas, there exist regulations for placing electrical and mechanical equipment on the market and operating them, as well as monitoring and control devices.

ATEX Roller Shutter and Sectional Door Operators

The operator models in the ATEX version of the MDF and STA 1 series are specially designed for use in explosion-protected areas. 

Roller shutter operator MDF 30-40-15 
Roller shutter operator MDF 50-75-10
Sectional door operator STA 1-11-24

For gas and dust processing, we offer solutions for gas (Zone 1 and Zone 2) and dust (Zone 21 and 22). All operator and control components meet the requirements arising from use in explosion-protected areas and thus ensure safe operation. This also includes not using emergency hand chains. Emergency operation is therefore only possible using a crank. As protection against overload and short-circuits, the motor protection switch prevents the housing surface from overheating.

Key Features at a Glance

  • Only available with mechanical ATEX-certified limit switches
  • Hand crank for emergency operation
  • Motor protection switch instead of thermal protection switch

Our ATEX Control Units

For ATEX applications, we recommend our tried-and-tested CS320 comfortable control unit. It is available in two variants: for automatic operation or dead man’s operation.

CS 320 ATEX Automatic

Our automatic variant is available with three power levels:

  • 1.6 amperes for the STA 1
  • 3.2 amperes for the MDF 30
  • 5.0 amperes for the MDF 50

In addition to the CS 320 PCB with LC display, you will receive:

  • a motor protection switch
  • a safety barrier for the safety input (e.g. slack rope switch)
  • a safety barrier for the closing edge safety device
  • a switching amplifier for retro-reflective and through-beam sensors

CS 320 ATEX Dead Man

In addition to the CS 320 PCB with LC display, this variant includes:

  • a motor protection switch
  • a safety barrier for the safety input, e.g. a slack rope switch. 

This ensures safe operation with dead man’s function for roller shutters and sectional doors. The connection of a closing edge safety device and light barrier or retrofitting to create an automatic variant is not possible

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Marantec control unit for industrial doors

Want to Know More About the CS 320?

The CS 320 is our external control unit for complex requirements and is suitable for controlling roller shutters, sectional, or PVC high-speed doors.

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ATEX Accessories

Do you like obtaining everything from a single source? If so, in addition to our ATEX operators and control units, you can also order additional accessories from Marantec:

  • EX terminal box for four or six limit switches. This component is supplied with every EX operator.
  • EX main switch
  • EX push button
  • EX drive-through light barrier (reflective light barrier)
Accessories for the Atex operators from Marantec

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Do you have any other questions about our drives and control units for explosion-protected areas? We would be happy to advise you on your situation on site. Please get in touch with us!

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