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Fire Door Operators for Fire Protection Doors

Learn More About our FTU, FDF and FTA Series Operators

Fire doors can save lives - because in an emergency they ensure that a fire does not spread to adjacent building areas. They are therefore used in many public buildings, companies, hospitals or even at the airport and in parking garages.

With our operators from the FTU, FDF and FTA series for fire doors, we ensure that your door closes fully automatically and without an external energy supply. This provides safety to all areas.

Our All-Rounder for Fire Protection Roller Shutters: Operators from the FTU Series

With a complete series from 250 to 2,200 Nm, our FTU operators are the perfect solution for all fire protection roller shutters without spring or weight balancing. The FTU operators are connected to the shaft of the door via a roller chain. In the event of a fire, the operator closes the door autonomously and automatically – without an external energy supply. During normal operation, the door can be opened and closed via a three-phase motor.

Key Features of our FTU Operators

  • Non-self-locking spur gear
  • Magnetic brake holds weight of door during normal operation
  • Centrifugal brake ensures controlled closing in the event of a fire
  • Mechanical limit switches for end position setting
  • Thermal protection in motor winding
  • Combinable with comprehensive accessories (brackets, safety catches)
  • Plug-in connectors (control side)

Sizes of our FTU Operators

Our operators for fire doors are available in six versions with a power range from 250 Nm to 2,200 Nm.

  • FTU 05
  • FTU 3
  • FTU 4
  • FTU 5
  • FTU 6
  • FTU 7

To find out which operator is optimal for your fire protection door, please refer to our table. For this, you will require the diameter of the winding shaft and the weight of the door curtain. We would be happy to advise you!

Marantec control unit for industrial doors

How are the Operators from the FTU Series Controlled?

To control FTU operator, you can use our CS 320 or CS 320 FTU industrial door control units. As a universal solution for commercial door operators, the CS 320 works as a normal door control unit. In the event of a fire, the door closes automatically – in the event of a power failure, by releasing the magnetic brake.

Do you want the magnetic brake of the control unit to operate independently of the mains supply even in the event of a power failure? Then use our C 320 FTU control unit designed specifically for fire doors.

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Our Specialists for Roller Shutters and Sectional Doors: FDF and FTA Operators

Are you looking for a operator which, in the event of a fire, actively closes your fire protection door via an auxiliary motor? If so, our operators from the FDF series (for roller shutters) and the FTA series (for sectional doors) are the right choice. They are equipped with an electric motor for normal operation, as well as an emergency motor. This means that in the event of a fire, your door will be connected to the emergency battery located in the control unit.

Key Features of the FDF and FTA Operators

  • Integrated safety catch (only FDF)
  • Rolled worm shaft
  • Thermal protection in motor winding
  • Work independent of position and speed (only FDF)
  • Pendulum foot mounting (only FDF)

FDF model

FTA model

Comparison of our Fire Protection Door Operators

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Do you Require a Custom Quote?

Custom versions, such as additional voltages and frequencies, different output speeds, higher protection classes (e.g. ATEX version for facilities where gas and dust are processed) and hollow shaft diameters are possible. Feel free to contact us!

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