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Safety systems, sensors, and accessories

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Laser Scanner Safety Systems Marantec

All our drive systems and parking barriers can be equipped or extended with various accessory products. Various options are available for this purpose. Apart from safety systems and sensors, we offer you both mechanical as well as electrical accessories, that satisfy all requirements and individual specifications.

Safety systems and sensors

  • Pull-in protection, Transmitter/Receiver
  • 8k2 contact strips
  • Light barriers
    • Special 633 light barriers
    • Through-beam 24 V light barrier
    • and much more
  • System wiring
    • Type F optosensor set
  • Closing edge safety device
    • Protect Opto 602/603: “Leading closing edge safety device”
  • Wicket door contacts
  • Signal transmission systems
  • Door closing profile

Detailed product descriptions

LZR Widescan: Opening, presence and safeguarding sensor for industrial doors

The LZR® WIDESCAN is a sensor based on the principle of time-of-flight measurement. It covers an extensive area in front of the door by generating seven slanted laser curtains and combining three functions in a single device: opening the door, entrance area monitoring, and safeguarding. It is more than a sensor – it is a protector for the door and the user. The sensor is easy to install thanks to an intuitive app.

LZR i100/i110: Safety sensor for industrial doors

The LZR® i100/i110 is based on the principle of time-of-flight measurement. The precision of this technology enables the reliable detection of the smallest objects. Via the dynamic orientation of the laser beams on a total of 4 detection planes, the LZR® i100 guarantees a unique level of protection for the hazardous areas in and in front of the door closure plane. The sensor is designed for industrial environments and has a maximum detection field of 9.9 m x 9.9 m.

LZR H100: Opening and safeguarding sensor for barrier systems

The LZR® H100 offers a true alternative overall solution to induction loops: It saves time during installation, detects all types of vehicles, and offers greater adaptability. This sensor, based on laser technology, was specially developed for the opening and safeguarding of, as well as presence detection at automatic barriers. The detection fields can be defined extremely flexibly in terms of width and depth (maximum detection field of 9.9 m x 9.9 m).

A light curtain is a contactless safety device which is often used for sectional doors with a wicket door as well as high-speed doors. The GridScan/Pro from Marantec secures an area up to a height of 2.5 m. In addition, it has TÜV approval as an electrical device. Hence, according to EN standards, no further safety device is required for automatic operation.

Slack rope switches are safety switches which halt the drive system if there is slack in the suspension rope: This prevents consequential damage to the sectional door as well as to the drive system itself. Types of safety switches also include wicket door switches. Furthermore, there is also a door lock switch which, in the event that a door is locked mechanically, prevents or enables the activation of the drive system. We at Marantec have a solution for all commonly encountered door and gate systems!

FALCON: Opening sensor for industrial doors

FALCON is a radar motion detector with direction detection that optimizes the function of the door. FALCON detects all movements, but persons and parallel traffic can be ignored if necessary. Ignoring parallel traffic helps to limit false triggers. 

MILAN: Presence detector for industrial doors

MILAN is an active infrared sensor with background analysis. It improves the protection of the door by avoiding a collision between vehicles and the door leaves. Its customizable detection field allows precise areas to be defined within which an opening is triggered: 40 active infrared spots covering up to 3 m × 3 m in front of a door.

CONDOR: Motion and presence sensor for industrial doors

CONDOR combines a radar motion detector and an active infrared presence sensor in a single device. Reliable opening is ensured by the planar antenna FALCON is known for. The amount of information processed allows for unmatched precision in the elimination of pedestrians, parallel traffic, and any disruptive factors. The scanning area of the infrared technology detects any vehicle or object located near the gate.

IXIO-D INDUS: Opening and presence sensor for industrial doors

IXIO-D INDUS combines radar and infrared technology with a clear mission: open and protect. The radar of IXIO-D INDUS detects any movement approaching the door. Active infrared technology detects the presence of persons and objects near the closing plane.

A spiral cable is used for the connection to an opener. At Marantec, we use a spiral cable with 5 x 0.25 mm² cores. The coiled cable, also called a helical cable, can be extended to a maximum of 3.2 m, so that a 6.4 m high door can be equipped with it when the mounting bracket of the spiral cable is mounted centrally at half the door height. The uncoiled portion of the spiral cable, which is connected to the opener, is available in three different lengths: 1.6 m, 3 m und 5 m. The required length depends on the door height and the control unit used. Alternatively, 5 x 0.5 mm² spiral cables are available in the same lengths as the black spiral cable. This spiral cable has an orange sheath to tell it apart. For doors with a height of more than 6.4 m, there is a 5 x 0.25 mm spiral cable, which can be placed at a half height of 5 m. This allows for doors with a height of up to 10 m to be used. The uncoiled portion of this spiral cable is 5 m long. If you do not wish to have a wired solution via a spiral cable, you can choose one of our wireless signal transmission systems .

Our door leaf connection boxes have been redesigned and come in a small junction box. They are available in two variants: 

  • The first variant is equipped with a PCB for conventional wiring. The spiral cable has a Molex connector which ensures correct cabling and signal transmission. All other components, such as the slack rope switch, wicket door contact switch, door lock switch, and the safety bar, are connected conventionally to the door leaf connection box. 
  • The second variant involves a PCB as a convenient solution with pluggable and additional conventionally wired systems. The system is outfitted with Molex connectors. 

For both systems, there is the option of using a second door leaf connection box with corresponding  connecting cable. 

LZR Widescan Safety Systems Marantec
Light Grid Safety Systems Marantec
Safety Systems, Sensors, and Accessories Marantec

Mechanical accessories

  • Axle chain drives
  • Adapters
  • Drive rails
  • Fastening accessories
  • Stainless steel housing for external release (Lock 690)

Detailed product descriptions

For doors without spring balancing, especially for roller shutters, there are wall brackets with different load capacities. Our standard designs range from the K3 bracket with a load capacity of 150 kg to the K6 bracket with a load capacity of 1,400 kg. Furthermore, for large roller shutters, there is the K8 with a load capacity of 1,980 kg and the K9 with a load capacity of 2,900 kg. All brackets are galvanized. Brackets from the K series are used primarily with direct-mount drives from the MDF series .

In an emergency, roller shutter drives are usually operated using hand cranks. We offer them in different effective lengths or with a universal joint. For our DF/WF and MDF 05/20 drive series, there is also an emergency angle drive – an awning rod for safe emergency operation from the ground with an effective length of 1 m, 2 m or 3 m.

Marantec axle chain drive
Garage Door Opener Rail Detail Marantec

Electrical accessories

  • Batteries, power supply units, emergency power buffers
  • Command devices
  • Lighting
  • Motion sensors
  • Electric locks
  • Expansion PCBs
  • Induction loops
  • Camera systems
  • Signaling devices
  • Programming devices 
  • Switches

Detailed product descriptions

Cable sets provide the connection between the opener and the control unit. All cable sets have connectors on both sides. On the motor side, the housing flange is integrated on the cable set, and it is used to close the limit switch housing of the opener. On the other side, the cable set it designed for our CS 320 control unit. Depending on whether you have a digital or mechanical limit switch, all cable sets are available in the standard cable lengths. Universal cable sets, which are open (without plug connection) on the control side, are also available from Marantec.

Motion Sensor Safety Systems Marantec
LPR Camera Marantec
Signal Lights Safety Elements Marantec

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