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Control units for commercial door drives

Find out more about our external and integrated control units

Controls for Commercial Door Operators

Are you acquainted with our range of control units? Particularly for commercial and industrial applications, control units are an important accessory component for door and gate drives of all types. We at Marantec offer you the entire range of door and gate control units – whether for roller shutters, sectional doors, high-speed doors, or other applications. Use the following overview of our range to find the control system that fits your situation on site: Choose between our external CS 320 control unit, our integrated CS 255 AC control unit, and our RS 301 control unit for dock levelers. As an accessory for our door control units, we also offer you an emergency power buffer.

CS 320 – the convenient external control unit for complex requirements

Do you require a roller shutter control unit, sectional door control unit, or a control unit for PVC high-speed doors? Our CS 320 is the classic choice among openers and optimally tailored to the requirements of these types of use. The fully equipped microprocessor control units can be used with an absolute encoder as well as with a mechanical limit switch. 

With numerous connection and expansion options, even complex control tasks are a breeze with the CS 320. Thanks to the flexibility in the control unit housing technology, extensive control sequences can also be implemented, e.g. for roller grilles with protection against objects being pulled in and two-way traffic control (red/green for entry/exit). The CS 320  is for new installations, but also for the safe retrofitting of existing drive systems

Programming is performed via a three-button navigation system on an LCD screen with plain text output. You can choose between the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Czech, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, and Hungarian.

Overview of the key features of our CS 320

  • Integrated interface for frequency converter
  • Integrated safety input
  • Integrated error log
  • Operating modes: Dead man, self-holding with optional accessories
  • Suitable for openers with mechanical (MEC) as well as digital limit switches (AWG)
  • Certified in accordance with DIN EN 12453:2017
  • Plug-in cable sets and plug-in connectors for safety elements and command devices
  • Four programmable relay outputs and two programmable inputs
  • Integrated MS-Bus interface for connecting expansion modules

In addition to the standard version, the CS 320 is also available as an ATEX variant for explosion-protected rooms, as an FTU variant for fire doors, as well as the CS 320 Duo for two-leaved/-winged doors and gates in industrial settings. 

CS 255 AC – integrated, compact control unit for sectional doors

The CS 255 AC is a compact basic control unit for sectional door drives which is also equipped with numerous connection and configuration options. Safety features such as a light barrier or a closing edge safety device can easily be connected using the terminals provided. 

The CS 255 AC is directly integrated into the drive motor, but can optionally also be built into an external housing. The CS255 AC works on the basis of an absolute encoder or with mechanical limit switches

The programming of the end positions and basic functions is carried out via the intelligent CS-I-15 push button from the operator level . Additional function settings can be configured on the LCD screen with plain text display via the MS-Bus interface (optional).

Overview of the key features of our CS 255 AC

  • Operating modes: Dead man, impulse operation “open,” impulse operation “closed,”  and automatic operation with optional accessories
  • Proven integrated control unit for standard applications with digital or mechanical limit switches
  • Terminals for connecting command devices and safety devices

RS 301 – control units for dock levelers

Our RS 301 is a comfortable control unit for dock levelers and is used to control dock levelers with a folding wedge or feed lip. The range of functions is optimally tailored to the requirements in such contexts and offers you a wide range of connection options, such as for:

  • Indoor and outdoor traffic lights
  • Wheel wedge
  • Start-up sensors
  • Signal horn
  • Loading lights
  • Inflatable door/gate seal

As you can see: The RS 301 allows you to solve even complex control tasks in a straightforward manner. Programming is performed via a tried-and-tested plain text display

Overview of the key features of our RS 301

The RS 301 is available in two versions

  • RS 301 K for dock levelers with a folding wedge and one or two valves
  • RS 301 V for dock levelers with hydraulic feed and two or three valves


  • Start-up interlock
  • Phase failure detection/Rotary field test
  • PCB for feed and folding wedge control
  • Door seal control
  • Release/locking  of internal or external door control 
  • Auto Return function
  • Integrated cycle counter
  • LC display with plain text display in languages D, EN, F, NL, ES, IT
  • Integrated main switch
  • Integrated fuse for hydraulic unit
  • Short-circuit proof control voltage
  • Eight different valve modes for feed and four for folding wedge control
  • Supply voltage 180–440VAC | 3P | N | PE
  • 24 V DC for external devices up to max. 250 mA
  • One programmable input
  • Integrated door control (optional)
  • All connections are pluggable

Comparison of our control units

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Emergency power buffer for door and gate control units

Our emergency power buffer provides an uninterruptible voltage supply by serving as a self-sufficient energy supply. This allows a door or gate system to be opened and closed even in the event of a power failure. With fully charged batteries, two door cycles are possible within one hour.

The system is supplied as a compact unit in a metal housing and consists of rechargeable batteries, including power and control electronics which regulate the switching between mains and battery operation fully automatically. Installation and commissioning is extremely simple and follows the plug-and-play principle.

Key features of our emergency power buffer at a glance

  • Easy commissioning according to plug-and-play principle
  • For door/gate systems with a supply voltage of 400V/3~ or 230V/1~
  • Emergency power buffer and door/gate control are connected directly via CEE/Schuko plug
  • No additional control cable between battery and door/gate control
  • No use of internal relay outputs for switching between mains and battery supply
  • No additional protection for switching between mains and battery supply
  • No additional settings on the door/gate control unit or the emergency power buffer

Which drives is the emergency power buffer suitable for?

Our emergency power buffers are available in various versions and power levels and are suitable for the following drives:

  • STA FC-I sectional door drive
  • STA FC-E sectional door drive
  • MDF, MDF FC-E roller shutter drive
  • DF roller shutter drive
  • KD sprocket drive
  • MTZ-S and MTZ FC high-speed door drives
  • FDO folding door drives

Do you require a custom quote?

If you are unsure as to which control unit you require for your opener, or if you are interested in a custom design that is perfectly tailored to your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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