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Compact Solution: Roller Shutter Operators for Tight Spaces

Limited Space? No Problem!

When automating roller shutter doors in garages, workshops or warehouses, installation spaces are often tight. Our Marantec roller shutter operators feature a design that is compact and hence able to deliver maximum power even in the tightest of spaces, regardless of whether you are looking to automate a new roller shutter or retrofit an existing one. Our operators and control units can be individually tailored to all requirements and combined flexibly.

MDF/MWF Series

With our powerful yet compact direct-mount operators from the MDF and MWF series, we offer you the optimal solution for your roller shutter or roller grille. Furthermore, the operators from the MDF series are suitable for three-phase current. Our MDF operators operate with single-phase alternating current (AC) motors.

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DF/WF Series

Our DF/WF operators are available in four different models and are particularly suitable for tight spaces, such as for installation in underground car parks. 

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KD Series

Particularly for heavy roller shutter doors weighing several metric tons, our KD operator is the right choice. A special base ensures extremely secure installation. 

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TS/F Safety Catches

Important for your safety: With an external safety catch, the door curtain is secured against falling. Choose between two series, TS and F, for the model that meets your needs!

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