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Comfort 200 Series

The Comfort 200 series in classic black: We have the right opener for every size of door and gate. Choose one of our classics. Featuring the 5th generation of opener technology. They are constantly being further developed and reflect the state of the art: LED lighting, control system that is easy on the door/gate, highly sensitive obstacle detection, easy operation, optionally expandable with a battery backup that supplies the necessary power in the event of a power failure, or opt for the high-speed version.

Comfort 260

For light doors: The Comfort 260 is suitable for doors weighing up to 90 kg, swing, overhead, and canopy doors up to a width of 3.5 m, single walled sectional doors up to 5.0 m and double-walled sectional doors up to 3.0 m.

Comfort 270

For doors up to 5.5 m: The Comfort 270 is suitable for doors with a maximum weight of 165 kg, sectional doors up to a width of 5.5 m, and swing, overhead, and canopy doors up to 5.0 m.

Comfort 280

For large, heavy gates: The Comfort 280 is suitable for moving doors with a weight of up to 200 kg and a width of up to 6.0 m.

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