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Comfort 300 series

Our Comfort 300 series features the patented blueline technology, which reduces energy consumption to almost zero whenever the opener is not in operation. With a door travel speed of up to 235 mm/sec. both when opening and closing, the openers are also particularly fast thanks to the speed function. And with a maximum LED light output equivalent to a 160 W incandescent bulb, it is extremely bright too – ensuring optimal convenience and safety.

Comfort 360

For light doors up to 3.5 m: The Comfort 360 is suitable for doors up to a weight of 110 kg. Swing, overhead, and canopy doors may have a maximum width of 3.5 m, single walled sectional doors up to 5.0 m and double-walled sectional doors up to 3.0 m.

Comfort 370

Opens doors up to 185 kg: The Comfort 370 is able to open sectional doors with a width of up to 5.5 m, or swing, overhead, and canopy doors of up to 5.0 m. The door may weigh up to 185 kg.

Comfort 380

The opener for heavy garage doors: The powerful Comfort 380 is particularly suitable for very large and heavy doors, as well as for gates that require a great deal of force. It is suitable for doors with a maximum width of 6.0 m and weighing up to 220 kg.

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Comfort 200 Series

Comfort 260 accu

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