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Comfort RE+

The Comfort RE+: Slim, powerful, and always the right choice when the other operators for automatic swing gates are not the right fit. Its articulated arms make it the optimal solution for large posts and unusual installation dimensions. Featuring a width of just 120 mm, the Comfort RE+ fits on almost any post.

Comfort REP2224 & REP2224S for One- and Two-Winged Gates

Extremely slim and with an integrated controller, this operator is also suitable for one-winged gates: With a width of 12 cm, the Comfort REP2224 is extremely slim, allowing it to be mounted on the post. Its modern housing without any visible screw connections already contains the control system necessary for the operation of the gate, along with the integrated mechanical stops for the OPEN and CLOSED positions.

Made of sturdy die-cast aluminum and UV-resistant coverings, the operator operates using 24 VDC technology. For gate wings up to 2.3 m. The Comfort REP2224 can optionally be outfitted with a battery backup, thereby providing independence from the grid. 

The Right Operator for Two-Winged Gates

For a two-winged gate, you will require not only the Comfort REP2224, but also the Comfort REP2224S. The S stands for slave, as the openers operate in master/slave mode. This opener is similar to its sister model, except for the control system. Only one is necessary for swing gates with two wings. 

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