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Operator Solutions for Sports and Cultural Facilities

Our References: Custom Solutions in the Entertainment Sector

From the roller shutter for the stadium kiosk to the operators for the theater curtain: We have realized a wide variety of special designs for our customers in the fields of sports and entertainment.

Operators for Roller Shutters in Soccer Stadiums

Special solutions for operators in the Rhein-Neckar Arena

Roller shutters with highly unusual dimensions and requirements are used in the kiosks in the Rhein-Neckar Arena (today: PreZero Arena) in Sinsheim – extremely wide, but not very high – to close off the vending areas. 

Because of the grills used for F&B, an elevated smoke hazard had to be taken into account. Due to this, a special brush seal on the guide rails was developed. Conventional seals provide all-round protection at the top and bottom. To ensure that the gates close safely in an emergency, the control system runs via a battery buffer that works even in the event of a power failure.

Operators in Multi-Function Halls

The Color Line Arena in Hamburg is one of the most modern multi-purpose halls in Europe and can accommodate almost 16,000 spectators. The hall’s multifunctionality provides visitors with a wide range of entertainment, from opera to ice revues, from rock to pop, from classical music to TV shows, from handball to ice hockey, all within an area of 3,760 square meters and a height of 33 meters. An optimally coordinated door and gate system from the manufacturer Teckentrup was implemented, which fully complies with the required fire safety regulations and meets the complex requirements in a multi-functional manner. A concept that perfectly combines fire protection, smoke protection, burglary protection, securing escape routes, and an automatic air supply. Technical expertise and creativity as well as coordination across multiple trades were prerequisites for this holistic solution.

Special Solutions: Operators for Sports Facilities and Cultural Institutions

Operators for Stages, Films, and Theaters

Solutions for theatres and stages

Our solutions are even used in theaters: For example, operators with a plastic rope drum to operate theater curtains. A concert with a massive light show? Our operators also play a role here – by ensuring that the light trusses in the stage structure are moved. Even large screens like the ones used for events or in the entertainment industry can be moved with our drives.

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