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Operators for Automatic Revolving and Hinged Doors and Gates

Outside doors and gates have to withstand many stresses and strains: rain, wind, cold and heat make high demands on the material and functionality. Our claim to the durability and trouble-free use of our operators is guaranteed by using the highest quality and maintenance-free materials. But there is also a focus on the design so that our operators for revolving and hinged doors and gates fit in with the look of your gate or door system in an elegant and modern manner.

Comfort ST 300

Entry-level operators for private use: The ST 300 is the entry-level model from the ST series. Thanks to its slimline design and function-oriented technology, it is unbeatable value for money.

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Comfort 515, Comfort 516

The operators for light swing gates: Our Comfort 515 and 516 operator series are the right choice if you are looking to automate a light single- or double-winged swing gate. Two different technologies designed for different circumstances, but completely identical in terms of the result.

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Comfort RA

Built for discerning requirements in terms of design and technology: The Comfort RA series is available in different versions: with or without encoder technology, but all of which offer high performance. The Comfort RA is able to move gates of up to 4.0 m and weighing up to 600 kg safely, securely, and reliably.

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Comfort 525, Comfort 530

Powerful solution for large swing gates: The Comfort 525 series operators are designed for single- and double-winged swing gates. Not only are their pistons powerful, they also guarantee extremely smooth gate movement. Just as powerful and elegant as the 525 series operators is the Comfort 530 L, which transmits its force through an integrated carriage.

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Comfort RE+

Slim design or for wide gate posts with a flexible articulated arm. Featuring a width of just 120 mm, the Comfort RE+ fits on almost any post. Its flexible articulated arm enables it to be used for the automated operation of gates that deviate from standard designs.

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Comfort UN Underground Operator

The underground operators of the UN series have been developed to fulfill the visual requirements for premium gates. By installing the operator under the road surface, all the equipment is made invisible to the naked eye.

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