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Comfort 525 and 530 Series: Operators for Large Revolving Doors/Gates

A swing gate with the swing gate operator Comfort 525 from Marantec

The Comfort 525 series delivers raw power: It is designed for large and heavy swing gates, and ensures particularly effective power transmission. At the same time, these operators guarantee extremely quiet operation. The Marantec reference point technology ensures that the gate opens and closes with millimeter precision. While the Comfort 525 uses a piston that moves in and out when opening and closing, the Comfort 530 offers an alternative: Its carriage moves almost invisibly in the housing.

Comfort 525

For heavy gates with a wing width of up to 3.0 m: The Comfort 525 effortlessly opens swing gates weighing up to 400 kg. The maximum wing width is 3.0 m. The opening time is between 15 and 25 seconds. Special accessories are available for gate systems with an incline of up to 10%. The Comfort 525 is available in versions both for single- and double-winged swing gates.

Comfort 525 L

For even larger swing gates up to 4.0 m: The technical specs of the Comfort 525 L are identical to the Comfort 525, but the L version has a stroke with a longer travel and can therefore open wider swing gates up to 4.0 m. It too is available in single- and double-winged variants.

Comfort 530 L

Like the Comfort 525, the Comfort 530 L can also move heavy swing gates with a maximum wing width of 3.5m and weighing up to 350kg – but the way it works is different: Instead of a piston that moves in and out when opening and closing, the Comfort 530 L is based on the carriage principle. This means that a carriage integrated in the housing moves the gate, which means it is hardly visible. This makes the operator practically immune to the ingress of dirt. the Comfort 530 L is available in single- and double-winged variants.

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Technical Data for Comfort 525, 525 L

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Brochure Gate Operators

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Technical Data for Comfort 530 L

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