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Keypads and switches for controlling doors and gates

Our keypads for operating your doors and gates allow you to control them entirely without handheld transmitters or apps. Depending on your needs, they can be located in the garage, in front of it, or even at the driveway to the property. 

With our keypads for stationary gate and door operation, you do not need to lay any cables for supplying power. We also offer you keypads with an integrated power supply that uses long-lasting batteries.

How it is operated is entirely up to you: If you decide on a key-operated switch, only persons with a key will be able to enter. The bi·linked wireless keypad allows for entry via a 4-digit numerical code, which we offer both with or without a cover.

bi·linked Wireless keypad

Our wireless keypad is available both with and without a cover. The keys are illuminated, allowing them to be operated with ease even in the dark. To open the gate or door, a 4-digit code is entered. Furthermore, one button can be assigned any desired function. It is also possible to assign a temporarily valid code, e.g. for a delivery service. Programming the codes is a piece of cake. This is done directly on the keypad and can only be performed by authorized persons. Power is supplied by commonly available AAA batteries, which last a long time and are easy to replace. Naturally, our wireless keypads are also weather-proof and have an attractive design.

bi·linked wall keypad

At first glance, our Digital 520 wall switch impresses with its sophisticated design; at second glance, it convinces with the necessary operating convenience. The two function keys can be freely assigned. The wall pushbutton works with all Marantec drive systems and third-party products (in conjunction with the corresponding bi·linked receiver). The 2-channel radio indoor pushbutton communicates uni-directionally on 868 MHz.

Key-operated switch

Using the key-operated switch, you can open and close your gate or door from outside using a key. Thanks to the aluminum panel, the key-operated switch is weather-resistant and can be installed as a flush-mounted variant or retrofitted as a surface-mounted version.