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Operator Solutions for In-Ground Garbage Bins

Our References: A Clean Alternative to Bins and Dumpsters

A visually appealing solution for garbage bins and dumpsters? Why certainly! The solution is simple: bins that retract into the ground. The bins are located on a platformwhich, with the aid of an electric operator, is raised and lowered. In addition to tidiness and cleanliness, in-ground garbage bins also solve many other problems. Nuisances from vermin and unpleasant odors are minimized, and trash can only be disposed of by authorized persons.


Special Solutions: Operators for Retractable Garbage Bins and Containers

With our operators from the MDF series, we ensure safe operation of the system. The garbage bins are raised and lowered via a key switch located next to them. A combination with an already existing locking system is possible. The motor stops in any desired position, allowing even children or wheelchair users to easily reach the bins. 

What Can We Do for You?

Do you also require a custom operator solution? Or do you have an idea in mind, but are uncertain as to its feasibility? Contact us via our contact form. We will do everything within our power to realize your concepts!

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