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Discover the Wide Variety of Previously Realized Operator Solutions

How can electric buses charge themselves automatically? How is an XXL shipyard door opened and closed safely? And how can mobile façade elements be perfectly integrated, both visually and technically? We ask ourselves questions like these all the time. Because we love a challenge - and are proud of our references. 


Your project? A challenge for us!

We want you to be able to realize your projects – independently of standard solutions. That's why we realize not only common applications, but also highly complex special cases. With creativity, flexibility and technical expertise. Whether it is functional and attractive architectural design, the fulfillment of ecological goals or the economic implementation of large-scale projects: Discover a selection of projects we have already realized here. And let us inspire and encourage you to envisage your own solution together with us.

Sports and Cultural Facilities

Special Solutions: Operators for Sports Facilities and Cultural Institutions

From the curtain to the kiosk roller shutters: Operator solutions in the areas of sports, culture and entertainment.

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XXL Doors and Gates

Special Solutions: Drives for XXL Doors

From the aircraft hangar to the shipyard: Operator solutions for particularly large sectional doors.

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Glass Wall Systems

Special Solutions: Operators for Glass Wall Systems

From self-service areas in banks to conference rooms: Operator solutions for glass partitions. 

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Façade Elements

Special Solutions: Operators for Facade Elements

From the “Golden House” in Munich: Operator solutions for façade elements. 

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In-Ground Garbage Bins

Special Solutions: Operators for Retractable Garbage Bins and Containers

Of cleanliness and safety: Operator solutions for in-ground garbage bins. 

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Charging Solutions for E-Mobility

Special Solutions: Operators for Pantographs and Cable Reels

From cars to buses: Operator solutions for pantographs and cable reels.  

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Which Project Do You Wish to Realize?

Whether it is a gate in an elephant enclosure, freight elevator for F&B, mobile greenhouse or folding balcony: The list of custom solutions we have realized to date gets longer by the day. Perhaps your project will soon be among them? Feel free to get in touch with us via our contact form.

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