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Operators for Pantographs and Cable Reels

Our References: Driving E-Mobility – With Safe operator and Control Solutions

How can we ensure that electrically powered vehicles always have a reliable supply of electricity? And how can electric urban buses be charged without having to stand still for long periods of time? Various charging technologies are currently being tested in the field of e-mobility. We supply the corresponding operators and control units.

With our operator and control solutions for pantographs and cable reels, we help ensure safe, targeted and rapid charging procedures.

Thanks to the pantographs on their roofs, electric buses can be charged particularly quickly. Fast charging via a charging contact arm with charging rails on bus roofs is also currently being tested. The advantages of pantographs: The loading process is fully automatic, saving time and in some cases personnel. 

Special Solutions: Operators for Pantographs and Cable Reels

Charge-Reel cable drum, ABU GmbH

Many vehicles are currently charged in the traditional way using a charging plug. With cable drums, these plugs can be lowered at the location they are required. Whether for utility vehicles, buses or cars: This charging solution can be optimally adapted to the existing local conditions.

What Can We Do for You?

Do you also require a custom operator solution? Or do you have an idea in mind, but are uncertain as to its feasibility? Contact us via our contact form. We will do everything within our power to realize your concepts!

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