VTA 14-61

VTA 14-61

The 24 V DC motor of the new VTA commercial door drive runs extremely quietly in comparison to conventional single-phase 230 V AC drives. Despite this, it is strong enough to move sectional doors measuring up to 18 square meters. The VTA can be easily and cost-effectively outfitted with a battery backup. Furthermore, emergency operation of the sectional door is possible via a chain, crank, or unlocking mechanism. Additionally, it is equipped with an automatic force cut-off and can be used with a door surface of up to 14 square meters without active safety components.

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25.4 mm standard hollow shaft: Universal and economical.

25.4 mm standard hollow shaft: Universal and economical.

Our standard hollow shaft in 25.4 mm is the compact and economical universal solution for almost every door. The opener can simply be slipped onto the spring shaft of the door. The hollow shaft of the opener is made of steel. 

Emergency operation of spring balanced doors (KE, E, E/KE)

Emergency operation facilities provide safety. They guarantee that a door can be opened and closed during a power outage.

KE (emergency hand chain): The standard emergency operation facility for openers with 25.4 mm standard hollow shafts. The emergency hand chain makes it possible to comfortably operate the door from the floor despite a power failure. 

E (quick release system): Enables quick release. The door is disconnected from the opener with a single click using a snare. This makes it possible to open and close the door by hand. 

E/KE (emergency hand chain with maintenance release): The best and most comfortable solution: The standard emergency operation facility for openers with splined cog system. The emergency hand chain offers comfortable operation of the door from the ground. At the same time, the maintenance release system makes quick and inexpensive service possible, since there is no need for time-consuming disassembly of the motor or for detaching the opener from the shaft. 

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