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Commercial Door Operators with Direct Current Technology

Are you looking for a quick-to-install sectional door operator for simple applications, for example in small and medium-sized industrial halls, workshops, craftsmen's enterprises, distribution centers, or loading bays? A operator that nevertheless fulfils your high demands of an industrial product? Our VTA series represents the perfect complete package!

Discover our straightforward operator solution for sectional doors.

Available in Different Variants

No matter which VTA variant you decide upon: you always make a good choice! You will be delighted by the VTA 14-61, as well as the VTA 11-32, VTA 11-62 and VTA 11-72, thanks to their DC technology, integrated control and ease of installation. Other connections are also available, for example for external operating buttons, radio remote control or a signal light.

Our Classic: the VTA 14-61

Discover our first model in an innovative range of high quality industrial gate operators with direct current motor. Thanks to its DC technology, you can put the VTA 14-61 into operation worldwide, with no conversion necessary. It offers an integrated controller that can handle the majority of applications without the need for an external controller.

The VTA 14-61 has been designed for sectional gates with maximum 18 m² door area and 234 kg gate leaf weight, offering a pleasing gate opening and closing speed. Its gears feature a 40mm centre distance and 400 Nm static holding torque. As a result, it guarantees a high degree of safety for everyday operation.

Even More Powerful, Even Faster: the VTA 11-32, VTA 11-62 and VTA 11-72

Brand new on the market. We have taken the VTA 11 and made a good thing even better. We have expanded this variant by adding three additional models: VTA 11-32, VTA 11-62 and VTA 11-72. You have a choice of more powerful, for opening even larger, heavier gates, or faster, in order to achieve quicker opening and closing speeds. In most cases, no active safety strip is required, thanks to optimal adjustments to the drive system on your sectional gate, in respect of gate opening and closing speed, durability and power shutoff in the event of obstacles being detected.

In all VTA models, we have used components that have proven themselves in the field of industrial gate operators. A bronze worm wheel and a rolled steel worm shaft ensure a high degree of stability, durability and safety. The VTA 11 uses the same gears as the STA 1, with 50 mm centre distance. This component has already proven itself hundreds of thousands of times. For the very first time in this combination, we have used two power supply units, which simultaneously provide the motor with power – this enables the drive to fulfil even greater performance demands.

The VTA is ...

Innovative: When we talk about innovation, we don't just mean a fancy new design. With this DC-DC opener, we are talking about a whole slew of essential innovations that show the time is ripe for the VTA.

Energy-saving: Because we consider the environment and resources right from the start.

Robust: Don't think in years, think in terms of decades. VTA industrial operators are designed for long-term durability from the very beginning. Above all, this is evidenced by its industrial worm wheel made of bronze.

Gentle on the gears and the gate: The DC motor enables a soft start and stop. This reduces wear on the entire system, ranging from the motor and gears to the individual components. 

Quiet: Low noise emissions are one of the many advantages of DC technology.

Compact: This operator can be installed even in tight spaces.

Worldwide use: The VTA can be used worldwide with all single-phase power supplies without requiring conversion.

VTA Models Compared

The VTA in Two Minutes

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Areas of Application

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Programming the Operator Even Easier?

Put the VTA into operation comfortably with your Smartphone! Simply download the "maveo pro" app for this purpose. After mounting the operator, you can carry out all settings on your smartphone with just a few clicks.

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Do you Require a Custom Quote?

Custom versions, such as additional voltages and frequencies, different output speeds, higher protection classes (e.g. ATEX version for facilities where gas and dust are processed) and hollow shaft diameters are possible. Feel free to contact us!

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