Industrial door opener with direct current technology

We asked ourselves why there is no high-quality DC motor for rugged applications, such as those required in tough everyday industrial environments. Reliability is essential here. This is just as true for large companies with numerous doors and gates as it is for medium-sized businesses or craftsmen. 

With the VTA industrial opener for sectional doors, MFZOvitor and Marantec have combined their strengths. The result is an extremely compact and robust opener that can be used as-is anywhere in the world.

Marantec is a specialist for DC garage door openers, and MFZOvitor an expert in the field of high-quality industrial openers. By combining their expertise, they developed an opener with a design that is compact like a garage door opener, but which is robust enough to withstand the rigors of being used in industrial settings. 

Presenting to you: the VTA. Industrial door opener with direct current technology.

Innovative: When we talk about innovation, we don't just mean a fancy new design. With this DC-DC opener, we are talking about a whole slew of essential innovations that show the time is ripe for the VTA.

Energy-saving: Because we consider the environment and resources right from the start.

Robust: Don't think in years, think in terms of decades. VTA industrial openers are designed for long-term durability from the very beginning. Above all, this is evidenced by its industrial worm wheel made of bronze.

Gentle on the gears and the gate: The DC motor enables a soft start and stop. This reduces wear on the entire system, ranging from the motor and gears to the individual components. 

Quiet: Low noise emissions are one of the many advantages of DC technology.

Compact: This opener can be installed even in tight spaces.

Worldwide use: The VTA can be used worldwide with all single-phase power supplies without requiring conversion.

VTA – Designed with simplicity in mind

Our goal for the VTA project: The industrial opener for sectional doors should be easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. 

The VTA is the industrial opener for sectional doors in medium-sized industrial halls, workshops, craftsmen's enterprises, distribution centers, and loading halls. With its integrated controller, it can be operated directly and easily.

Industrial opener for sectional doors: ready to plug in and customizable

We supply the VTA ready to plug in. 

The 24 V DC motor of the new industrial opener moves doors measuring up to 18 m².

Power failure? No problem, you can outfit the VTA with an optional battery backup. Furthermore, emergency operation of the sectional door is possible via a chain, crank, or unlocking mechanism.

What is the industrial opener for sectional doors designed for?

With 20 cycles per hour, it is ideal for use in small and medium-sized industrial halls, workshops, craftsmen's establishments, distribution centers, and loading bays.

Even more powerful, even faster: The VTA 11-32, VTA 11-62 and VTA 11-72

Brand-new The VTA 11 improves even further on the last model. If you are looking for that extra something, we have just the right thing for you. The VTA 11! 

With this variant, we are expanding the VTA series with three additional models: VTA 11-32, VTA 11-62 and VTA 11-72. These provide either greater strength for bigger and heavier doors, or more speed to achieve a higher opening and closing speed. The VTA 14 series currently available will continue to remain on the market.

Two power supply units for extra power

With the VTA 11, we have once again used proven components for industrial openers. We have outfitted the VTA 11 with the gears from the STA1. These components have proven themselves a hundred thousand times over. Furthermore, the VTA 11 also features the familiar DC motor with all the advantages of direct current technology. For the first time, we are using two power supply units in this combination. They supply the motor in parallel. This allows the opener to satisfy even higher power requirements. 

Would you like more detailed information?

If so, take a look at the landing page on the VTA. There, you will find all the information on the opener and the series, as well as installation videos and the technical data.

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