Dynamic 736 and Dynamic 741 FU

Designed for heavy and wide industrial sliding gates, these drive systems impress with their robust motor unit built for durability. The control system integrated in the drive housing has an LC display, which is used to program the drive easily and clearly. The drive housing is temperature and weather-resistant. The particular strength of the Dynamic 736 and 741 FU is how it guarantees a controlled door/gate movement that complies with standards.

Dynamic 736

For sliding gates up to 1,100 kg: The Dynamic 736 is suitable for sliding gates with a maximum width of 18 m and weighing up to 1,100 kg. Programming partial openings is possible, and the system also has an automatic feed function and a programmable output for additional functions.

Dynamic 741 FC

With frequency converter technology: The Dynamic 741 FC is based on the Dynamic 736, but thanks to its extended design, it can also move sliding gates weighing up to 1,300 kg. The technical highlight is the integrated frequency converter, which allows soft starts and soft stops to be implemented and positions and speeds for door travel when opening and closing to be programmed separately as required.

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