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TS/F Safety Catches for Roller Shutter Operators

Important for your safety

Do you have a roller shutter that is outfitted with a sprocket operator? If so, you require an external safety catch to secure the door curtain against falling. Similarly, roller shutters with a tubular motor that is installed on the inside of the winding shaft also require fall protection. 

As an experienced manufacturer of roller shutter operators, Marantec offers you two series – TS and F: With the high-quality TS series, the safety catch can be reset and reused after a fall . Our F series, on the other hand, is a single-use safety catch that will need to be replaced after a fall. 

TS safety catch

F Safety catch

Key Features at a Glance

  • Various models available: Which model is suitable for your application scenario depends on the hanging weight and the winding shaft diameter
  • The TS series can be reset after preventing a fall; the F series will need to be replaced after a fall
  • All safety catches are equipped with a safety switch to lock the operator
  • All safety catches are TÜV-certified; certificates are available attesting to this
  • Short fall path of max. 30 cm, integrated damping, and corrosion protection as standard
  • Maintenance- and wear-free

All safety catches are generally equipped with an electrical safety switch. This switch is connected to the emergency stop system of the door control. In the event of a fall, the safety catch prevents the door curtain from falling , and via the safety switch, the door control unit halts the operator motor. For all safety catches, the maximum operating speed must never be exceeded during normal operation. All safety catches are equipped with an integrated damping with pendulum foot mounting. Naturally, the certificates from a test center recognized throughout Europe are available for both series.

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