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Powerful Chain Operators for Roller Shutters

Get to Know our KD Series

Special situations on site require special operators. For automating roller shutters in garages, workshops and warehouses, we generally recommend our MDF direct-mount operators for direct mounting. However, sometimes there is not enough space to install a MDF, or the hanging weight is too heavy for this operator. In such cases, our KD sprocket operator is the right choice! It is particularly suitable if space is limited or if the door or gate is very heavy. 

KD operators have a special base for extremely secure installation. They are suitable not only for new doors and gates, but also for retrofitting existing door/gate systems. These operators deliver from 70 Nm to 1650 Nm. All KD operators feature an output speed of 24 rpm, independent of the size of the operator. Thanks to the sprocket ratio, the torque of the operator is multiplied accordingly in order to be able to lift or lower the hanging load.

A KD operator is usually located slightly below the winding shaft of the door and is normally fixed in place in a tensioning bracket in order to tension the roller chain. The motor bracket is located either on the wall or on a steel joist. In any case, the operator must be fastened well enough to withstand extraordinary forces.

Key Features of the KD at a Glance

  • A complete series from 70 Nm to 1,650 Nm
  • 24 rpm for all motor types
  • Sprocket ratio 2: 1, 3: 1, 3.8: 1 or 4.5: 1; the roller shutter can weigh several metric tons
  • All KD motors have a pin for attaching a sprocket
  • A bracket for tensioning the chain is available
  • Separate safety catches from the F and TS series are available for fall protection
  • Many mechanical accessories such as roller chains, sprockets, weld-in shafts, and weld-in discs are available 

Separate Safety Catch as Fall Protection

KD operators feature indirect power transmission via a roller chain between the operator and the door shaft. Due to this, our KD operators generally have no integrated safety catch. Therefore, in the case of a sprocket (KD) operator, the opposite side of the door must always have a separate safety catch installed as fall protection

All components, such as the KD operator, winding shaft, hanging weight and the correctly selected safety catch, must be matched to each other. For controlling the roller shutter, we recommend our external control unit: the CS 320 from Marantec.

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Custom versions, such as additional voltages and frequencies, different output speeds, higher protection classes (e.g. ATEX version for facilities where gas and dust are processed) and hollow shaft diameters are possible. Feel free to contact us!

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