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PK 85 swing gate drive and CS 500/2 FC control unit

Discover our industrial drive solution for the Scandinavian market

Drives and control units used in industry have to be robust and able to withstand heavy loads. Unlike in private homes, gates in parking lots or factory buildings are usually opened and closed several times an hour. When choosing a suitable door drive, it is therefore all the more important to pay attention to high quality, tried-and-tested materials , such as those used in our PK 85 swing gate drive. In combination with the CS500/2 FC control unit, it is the optimal solution for industrial applications. 



PK 85 swing gate drive

The PK 85 swing gate drive was developed for industrial applications. Its robust double worm gearbox has been manufactured since the 1960s. The bronze worm wheels and rolled steel worm shafts are designed for heavy duty. The drive is outfitted with an integrated slip clutch, which is a reliable technical solution for setting the torque. The drive can deliver a nominal torque of up to 300 Nm, and the service life of the gearbox is 12,000 operating hours for operation at the nominal torque of the electric motor.

CS 500/2 FC control unit

The CS 500/2 FC is a multi-functional control unit for heavy industrial door drives. With its two integrated frequency converters, the CS500/2 FC control unit can be programmed to increase or lower the speed when opening or closing the door. With the integrated LC display and the six programmable relay modules the CS500/2 FC can also be easily connected to and programmed for loop detectors, radar units, warning lights, or access control systems.

Our solutions for the Scandinavian market

The PK 85 is designed for the Scandinavian market and is sold by us exclusively in this region.

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