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For tight spaces: Roller shutter openers with a compact design

Our DF/WF roller shutter drives

Sometimes, only limited space is available for installing a roller shutter drive, such as in underground garages. In such cases, we recommend our tried-and-tested DF/WF drives:

  • DF = Three-phase box direct-mount drive 
  • WF = AC box direct-mount drive

Key features of our DF/WF drives at a glance

  • Choose between four models from 100 Nm to 400 Nm
  • Hollow gear shaft in 30 mm or 40 mm
  • Integrated safety catch 
  • Rolled worm shaft
  • Pendulum foot mounting
  • Emergency operation via emergency hand crank or emergency manual gearbox
  • Drives comes with built-in cable set, either with a mechanical or digital limit switch

Please note that DF/WF drives must always be installed in a horizontal position to ensure the functionality of the safety catch.

Models of our DF/WF drives

This drive series consists of four models each; each of which has an axle dimension with an installation height of just 80 mm:

  • DF 10 and WF 10
  • DF 20 and WF 20
  • DF 30 and WF 30
  • DF 40 and WF 40

With their highly compact design , these drives are a great alternative to our MDF drives or KD drives for the initial automation and retrofitting of roller shutter doors.

Download documents

Commercial door drive brochure

PDF – 14.0 MB
Language: English

How are our drives from the DF and WF series controlled?

For controlling your roller shutter, we recommend our CS 320 comfortable control unit.

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Do you require a custom quote?

Upon request, we offer special designs with other voltages and frequencies, different drive speeds, or higher protection classes – feel free to contact us!

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Can't find your installation manual?

Operating manuals for our drive systems and products on safety instructions, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance can be found in our search for installation manuals.

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