STAC 1 series

STAC 1 series

Convenience and safety go hand-in-hand in the STAC 1 series. The integrated CS 255 AC control is an extendable deadman control unit. Safety features, such as photocells and the closing edge safety device, can be easily connected to the ready-prepared terminals and so put the control unit in press-and-release operation. It is operated with an external push-button unit. Basic functions can also be programmed using the CS-I 15 push-button unit, if desired. It is also possible to add our safe and comfortable bi·linked remote control accessories. The control unit can be retrofitted with our standard antenna. All functions can be optionally programmed using the plug-in programming display with clear text output using an MS-Bus cable. 

25.4 mm standard hollow shaft: Universal and economical.

25.4 mm standard hollow shaft: Universal and economical.

Our standard hollow shaft in 25.4 mm is the compact and economical universal solution for almost every door. The opener can simply be slipped onto the spring shaft of the door. The hollow shaft of the opener is made of steel. 

Mains voltage variants 400 V | 230 V

We always have the right solution with our door openers. 

Door opener 400 V, 3-phase: Silent, smooth, resilient. In a word: strong as a bear. This 3-phase 400 V motor is the right solution for large, heavy doors.

Door opener 230 V, single-phase:
No high voltage connection available? No problem! With its single-phase 230 V motor, this opener has no need for high voltage. It is the best solution for small door surfaces, or doors with low opening frequencies and so fewer door cycles. 

Integrated control unit CS 255 AC

Integrated control unit CS 255 AC

The CS 255 AC is our compact basic control unit which has all the features needed for safe operation. With a deadman control unit as standard. This function can be expanded to press-and-release operation by installing safety components. An output relay for an additionally connectable function, such as a signal lamp, is included. External elements are powered with 24 V voltage from the CS 255 AC. The comfortable function sequence and the programming structure have been taken from the CS 310. Multi-Bit and bi·linked radio is possible with the CS 255 AC, the slot for the matching antenna is already included.

Expand as needed: The control unit can be expanded through MS-Bus modules, for example, for oncoming traffic regulation or draw-in protection.

Even more safety: Safety equipment, such as photocells or a closing edge safety device, can be connected via terminals.

Easy and comfortable: Easy, plug-in cable sets ensure comfortable installation. 

Length of use 60 % or 25 %

When choosing the right door opener, the load, or the length of use, is decisive in addition to the power. Here, we can provide you with solutions with 230 V or 400 V openers for average use doors or less frequented doors. 

60 % duty cycle: Normal duty cycle for 400 V openers. Designed for doors with average opening frequency. This corresponds to a maximum of 20 door cycles per hour.

25 % duty cycle: Normal duty cycle for 230 V openers. Designed for doors with low opening frequency. This corresponds to a maximum of 8 door cycles per hour. One cycle corresponds to opening and closing the door one single time.

Emergency operation of spring balanced doors (KE, E/KE)

Emergency operation facilities provide safety. They guarantee that a door can be opened and closed during a power outage.

KE (emergency hand chain): It provides standard emergency operation for openers with a standard hollow shaft of 25.4 mm. The emergency hand chain makes it possible to comfortably operate the door from the ground. 

E/KE (emergency hand chain with maintenance release system): The best and most comfortable solution: This is the standard emergency operation facility for openers with splined cog system. The emergency hand chain offers comfortable operation of the door from the ground. At the same time, the maintenance release system makes quick and inexpensive service possible, since there is no need for time-consuming disassembly of the motor or for detaching the opener from the shaft. 

Digital limit switch

An absolute value encoder guarantees precise travel cut-out. The end position of the control unit is not only conveniently set using the digital limit switch, it also keeps it correct.

Our range of accessories for enhanced safety and comfort.

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