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Our Underground Garage Door Openers: Strong and Durable

The door-friendly opener solution for your collective and underground garage with soft start and soft stop and highly sensitive power cut-off, because safety is paramount. 

The underground garage door opener Comfort 390 opens doors with a width of up to 6.0 meters and a weight of up to 240 kg. The opener is particularly gentle on the door thanks to its soft start and soft stop function, and is designed for 300 cycles per day. This makes the Comfort 390 with integrated controller the ideal choice for underground garages with up to 100 parking spaces.

Comfort 390 & Comfort 390 Plus

Our powerful opener for collective garages

Openers for underground and collective garages require a powerful motor and need to withstand numerous door opening cycles every day. Our Comfort 390 door opener is designed for precisely this area of application and is the ideal solution for small underground and collective garages with up to 100 parking spaces!

The Comfort 390 underground garage door operator from Marantec.

Our problem-solver

The Comfort 390 matches the new and elegant Marantec design line and can handle 300 cycles per day.

Powerful motor

  • Highly self-locking
  • Modern design in black high-gloss look
  • Familiar programming of the Comfort 200 and 300 series
  • Larger controller housing and more connection options


Technical data at a glance

  • For up to 18 cycles per hour/300 cycles per day
  • Suitable for doors up to 6,000 mm wide and weighing up to 240 kg
  • Maximum tensile and compressive force of 1200 N
  • Rated voltage of 230 V and line frequency of 50 | 60 Hz
  • Reaches a maximum movement speed of 160 mm/s
  • Works reliably at ambient temperatures of -20 to +60 °C

Openers for underground garage doors: Comfort 390 & Comfort 390 Plus

Two openers you can rely on. The Comfort 390 and Comfort 390 Plus are equal in terms of strength. They can both be used for opening heavy garage doors which exceed the load capacity of other openers.


Comfort 390 Entry-level solution for collective garages with integrated controller

For straightforward applications, the Comfort 390 with its integrated controller is the ideal choice. The Comfort 390 is the right opener for collective garages where power and reliability are required, but which do not require any additional safety components.

Comfort 390 plus for collective garages with external controller and additional safety

The Comfort 390 plus can be optimally adapted to the specific requirements of your collective garage. Thanks to a convenient external controller with modular expansions, it is also suitable for special requirements. The modules for connecting signal lights, safety elements and a two-way traffic control system are already included as standard in the Comfort 390 plus.

Technical drawing of the Marantec Comfort 390 underground garage door opener

Download Documents

Technical data for Comfort 390

PDF – 1.1 MB
Language: German

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