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Sliding and swing gate drives for industrial applications

Perfectly adapted to commercial applications

Sliding and swing gates used commercially need to withstand a great deal of loads. That is why our drives for these types of gates use high quality, maintenance-free materials to ensure a long and trouble-free service life. Read more about our sliding gate drive series SDO 35, the SDO 05-8-45 and SDO 05-10-30 FU-I drives for particularly heavy gates, or our swing gate drives, the Comfort ST 500, and our PK 85 for the Scandinavian market in the following.

Industrial sliding gate drives

SDO 35 series

Sliding gate drives for commercial use, designed for demanding commercial applications: The SDO 35 series delivers the power you require for your sliding gate. A whopping 21.5 meters and a hefty 4.4 metric tons can be driven by the drive. This provides sufficient power to reliably open and safely close even large gates. A maximum of 330 Nm output torque and a lockable stainless steel housing ensure reliability and safety. The CS 310 control unit with programming LC display is integrated.

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SDO 05-8-45 and SDO 05-10-30 FU-I

The SDO 05-8-45 and SDO 05-10-30 FU-I drives move heavy and intensively used industrial sliding gates. The task is not only to set the heavy gates in motion, but also to steer them in a controlled manner and in compliance with the relevant standards. All components are designed for these requirements, and the control unit is compactly integrated in the drive housing.

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TVR 5 and TVR 8

Are you looking for a hollow shaft drive suitable for a wide range of applications? Thanks to modular components, our TVR 5 and TVR 8 drives for the Scandinavian market are suitable for many door and gate types and requirements. Find out more now!

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Industrial swing gate drives

PK 85 swing gate drive

Find out more about our industrial drive solution for the Scandinavian market: The PK 85 swing gate drive impresses with its robust double worm gearbox and an integrated slip clutch for torque adjustment.

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Comfort ST 500

Developed for demanding requirements: The ST 500 has been developed for commercial use on gates with a maximum wing length of 5.0 m. The highly robust mechanics combined with the modern and high-performance control technology make the ST 500 an optimal solution for commercial applications.

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Openers for private applications

Swing gate drives

Parking barriers