Flexible Opener Solutions for Industrial Sectional Doors

There are many ways to automate sectional door systems in commercial premises. The Marantec range of products reflects this diversity. There are specialised opener solutions and control units for all uses and requirements - from basic deadman automation to extensive comfort features. Our industrial door and gate openers belong to a flexible range that can be expanded any time with additional functions and applications.

VTA 14-61

The premium commercial door drive with DC technology

Thanks to its DC technology, the VTA can easily put to work anywhere around the world without needing to perform any modifications. It is equipped with an integrated control system which works with almost any application without requiring an external controller. The sectional door drive can be perfectly used for simple applications, for example in small and medium-sized industrial halls, workshops, craftsmen's enterprises, distribution centers, or loading bays.

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STA 1 series

Perfect for spring-balanced sectional doors

Our STA 1 opener is ideal for spring-balanced sectional doors. This is down to its specially-developed gears for this purpose, with a special motor that generates high power within a small space. This opener has an extremely compact design with a slimline housing.

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STAC 1 series

Compact door opener with integrated control unit

Compact and powerful: The new STAC 1 series is based on the proven STA 1 opener. Its genetic heritage: a compact design only 100 mm wide and the robust die-cast aluminium housing. Additionally, the control unit is integrated in the opener, which means that the STAC 1 series is a space-saving and affordable solution. It is operated with a slimline push-button unit. The opener uses the proven 25.4 mm standard hollow shaft.

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STA 1 FU/I series

Enhanced speed frequency converter

Our opener with a frequency converter for 230V single-phase networks. The frequency converter generates the three-phase power supply required. As with the Dynamic xs.awg, this opener has a hollow gear shaft with a splined cog for accepting a variety of adapter sleeves, and it can therefore be used for different spring shafts. Equipped with a maintenance release system and our new generation CS 310 outdoor control unit as standard supply, they are all set to meet the toughest requirements. The door speed and the soft run ramps can be optimally adapted to the sectional door fittings, to reflect the number of different cable drums.

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STAI 1 series

Our STAI 1 opener is an opener on rails, and is therefore particularly suitable for use in constricted spaces. The rail system is an alternative to the classic shaft mounting option. Technically, this opener is identical to the STA 1 opener.

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SA series

Powerful openers for sectional doors without springs

Designed and built for sectional doors without springs: the SA series. Motors need to hold and move heavy weights for this use. The SA series offers the right opener for every use: torque output levels of 180 - 1,650 Nm. The compact design of these openers is combined with the best installation options. We install worm wheels made of high quality bronze for a long service lifespan and strength. The rolled worm shaft guarantees quiet operation. A high-precision motor bearing and a CNC machined aluminium housing reflect our commitment to the utmost precision. 

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