Sectional door drives for warehouses and industry

There are many ways to automate sectional door systems in commercial premises. The Marantec product range reflects this diversity. There are specialised drive solutions and control units for all uses and requirements, from basic deadman automation to extensive convenience features. Our STA 1 and SA series of industrial door and gate drives are also flexible and can be expanded any time with additional functions and applications.


Spring-balanced sectional doors

In spring-balanced sectional doors, the openers in the system operate with torsion springs. These balance the forces of the door. The motor thus needs to hold and move less weight. Our STA 1 series openers are optimally designed for use with spring-balanced sectional doors.

Springless sectional doors

In large door systems and doors with many opening cycles, i.e. a high frequency of use, the advantages of springless sectional doors are particularly noticeable.

Rope drums mounted based on the door weight, along with the powerful motors, guarantee safe and low-maintenance door operation. Dispensing with the torsion springs makes assembly easier and also saves having to retension and change the torsion springs.

STA 1 Series

Perfect for spring-balanced sectional doors: Our STA 1 operator is the optimal solution for spring-balanced sectional doors. This is ensured by a gearbox specially developed for this application with a special motor that generates a lot of power in the smallest space. The motor and gearbox of the STA 1 allow an extremely compact design, the gearbox body is very narrow. The STA 1 series drives are available with standard hollow shaft or gearbox hollow shaft with multi-toothing to accommodate different shaft adapters.

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STAC 1 Series

Compact and powerful: Sounds familiar to you? That's right! The new STAC 1 series is based on the tried and tested STA 1 opener. Its genes: the compact design with a width of just 100 mm and the robust aluminum die-cast housing. In addition, the controller is integrated into the opener, which makes the STAC 1 series a space-saving and cost-effective solution. It can be operated intuitively via a slim push button. The force is transmitted via the proven 25.4 mm standard hollow shaft.

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STA 1 FC/I Series

Our opener with frequency converter for 230 V single-phase networks. No three-phase current at the installation site? No problem. This opener from the STA 1 series generates it. The frequency converter generates the required three-phase power supply. Like the openers of the STA 1 series, variants are available with a standard hollow shaft or hollow gear shaft with multi-toothing to accommodate different shaft adapters. The opener with toothing is outfitted with a standard maintenance release with emergency hand chain. Various release types are optionally available for the openers with standard hollow shaft. Depending on the different cable drums, the door speed as well as the soft start ramps can be optimally adapted to the sectional door fitting.

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STAI 1 Series

Compact opener with rail guide. Our problem solver for difficult space constraints and the alternative to shaft mounting. Our STAI 1 opener is a rail-guided opener and therefore particularly suitable for use where lateral space is limited. The rail guide is an alternative to classic shaft mounting. The technical specs of the opener are identical to those of the STA 1.

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SA Series

Designed and built for springless sectional doors: the SA series. For this application, the motors must hold and move heavy weights. The SA series offers the right opener for every application: Torques from 180 – 1,650 Nm output torque. Their compact design offers the best mounting options. We use worm wheels made of high-quality bronze for durability and strength. The rolled worm shaft guarantees quiet running. Precise motor mounting and a CNC-machined aluminum housing ensure the highest precision.

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VTA Series

The VTA series combines all the advantages of a DC motor: low-wear operation thanks to soft start and soft stop, suitable for use worldwide with all single-phase power supplies. Furthermore, these openers can be installed even in tight spaces.
In the latest versions as the VTA 11, optionally with two power supply units, the opener is even more powerful and faster. The VTA series offers DC industrial openers for sectional doors, ideal for use in small and medium-sized industrial halls, workshops and craftsmen's establishments.

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