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Garage door drives, revolving gate drives, sliding gate drives

With our door and gate drives for the private sector, we make your home a bit more convenient and secure. We would like you not to have to get out on the road at minus 15 degrees to open your door or gate, nor at plus 35 degrees to close it. We make automatic garage door drives, drives for automatic revolving and hinged gates as well as drive motors for sliding gates. There are barely any doors or gates that our technology cannot automatically open and close.


Garage door openers for your home

Sectional doors are all the rage. They are currently the most popular type of garage door. That is why we specialize in this type of door. If you are satisfied with your classic swing door or overhead/canopy door, we can also offer you a proven solution from our drive and control technology range.

Reliability paired with innovation

Our name stands for reliability paired with innovation. You benefit from the fact that we are able to offer the right opener for every architectural challenge. The possibilities extend as far as high-speed openers for the lightning-fast opening of your sliding gates and our UN series. With it, the opener for your swing gate is hidden under the road surface. You can't get any more discreet than that. 

Garage door openers

Swing gate openers

Sliding gate openers

Perhaps you will also be interested to know that you can control nearly all our drives with your smartphone as an option. We call that maveo. 

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