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Whether it is a hand-held remote, keypad, or wall console: You have full control.

You are probably already aware that Marantec builds high-quality openers for doors and gates. It is with this same attention to detail that we tackle the operation of our openers Convenience and safety are essential. This applies to both to our garage door openers and our outdoor gate openers. 

Security: With our handheld transmitters, you hold the key to the property. But only you alone. 128-bit encryption and a rolling code make your garage door opener the Fort Knox among garages. All garage door openers from the Comfort 200 & 300 series are operated using our bi·linked wireless handheld transmitters.

Handheld transmitter and garage door opener

With our wireless handheld transmitters and garage door openers, you have everything on hand and under control. Use them to give the signal that opens and closes your doors. We have designed them to be compact so that you can have them with you at all times. Our safety standards are among the best. Try it out for yourself.

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Keypad for door and gate control

We make it easy for you. With our keypad for controlling your doors and gates, you can conveniently operate them at the location they are installed. We have equipped them with an integrated battery so that no cables need to be laid.

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Control Units for Commercial Drive Systems

Whether you need external or integrated controls – we offer you the right product for different industrial doors and applications. You will like our controls because of their convenient and safe operation as well as various connection options for further accessories.

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Safety Systems, Sensors, and Accessories

Anything else you would like? You can equip all our door drives with electrical and mechanical accessories as well as safety systems and sensors. This way, you can perfectly adapt your drive system to your individual requirements!

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