Technology is the Present and the Future. 

It allows many of our dreams to come true.

Safety and comfort through technology. Doors and gates that are automated with a Marantec opener use innovative technology to save electricity and work fast, but are also able to work without mains power, adapt to changes in door and gate behaviour caused by wind and rain, continuously check the safety functions of the door and gate, and intervene as necessary to provide maximum protection for people, animals and property. 

Certified quality

In our own test centre, our openers undergo testing on an ongoing basis with all commercially available types of doors and gates. They are also certified by recognised independent testing institutes. Our openers meet the requirements of European standard 13241-1.

EOS (EasyOperatingSystem)

All Marantec opener systems use the same programming structure: Important data is displayed on a high-quality LC screen.

Material-friendly functions

Features provided by Marantec, such as the soft start and soft stop, patented reference point technology and other functions, too, ensure an extra-long lifetime and also reduce noise levels during operation.

Safety features

To make sure doors and gates can be moved safely, opener systems must know what position the door or gate is in at any time. Only then is it possible to react properly if, for instance, an obstruction is detected or the door or gate is supposed to close following a power cut. Marantec technologies provide this function on a long-term and particularly accurate basis, building the foundation for safe and reliable door operation. Opener systems for large, heavy doors must also be able to pick up on any mechanical problems and prevent doors or gates from falling unchecked.

Battery backup as emergency power supply

In the event of power failure, this system assumes control and ensures that you are still able to open and close your door or gate on a temporary basis (the number of cycles depends on the system, the period of time and the temperature). The battery backup can be fitted at any time, if necessary.

Interchangeable shaft adapter sleeves for different spring shafts

Marantec basic openers can be easily adapted to different conditions in a few easy steps using only a few parts. For industrial doors and gates, for example, there are interchangeable shaft adapters. This has the advantage that the number of different parts is reduced, which saves costs and conserves the environment.

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