Safety Provides Confidence.

It is the basis for well-being and a feeling of security.

Our goal is to make all our products as safe as technology can do so at the present time. You, as the customer, can rest assured that you own one of the safest opener systems in the world, and which will provide the best possible protection for your property and your family, and all people you have allowed to access your property.

How do we do this? By developing all our opener parts ourselves in line with our own high quality standards, and through ongoing quality testing in our own test centre. 

What does this actually mean? Our openers recognise and react straight away to things like obstacles, and in doing so safeguard people, animals and property. Effective protection against break-ins means that unauthorised persons are prevented from opening your garage door just like that, and, if used with a battery backup, it enables our openers to continue working as usual even during a power cut.

Tested for safety

Our opener systems meet all statutory standards and provide numerous innovative and patented safety features. Our company is certified as DIN ISO 9001 compliant. 

Patented power limitation

Our openers reliably protect people, animals and valuable objects by reacting with high sensitivity, and stopping and reversing the door or gate immediately if an obstruction lies within their path. 

Bus system

Openers are technical devices that assume the task of controlling doors and gates. They should safely and efficiently coordinate the interplay of all the system parts. The bus system developed by Marantec provides continuous dynamic monitoring of all safety equipment, guarantees fast reactions to all requirements, and works extremely efficiently in terms of energy use and recovery.  

Two-fold security against intruders

Can openers prevent garage break-ins? Of course, even an opener is unable to withstand brute force. However, unauthorised persons are reliably prevented from opening your door thanks to the electronically monitored push-open security device in our garage door openers, and the inherent self-locking facility of our gears.

Emergency release system

In the event that openers do not work, such as during a power cut, it is important to ensure that you can still open and close your door. Marantec openers can be mechanically released, usually from the inside in the case of garage doors. If your garage does not have a second entrance in the form of a side-door, it is also possible to fit an additional release system on the outside, allowing access only to you, the owner. 

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