Industrial Door Openers

Commercial and industrial opener systems serve a variety of purposes, ranging from sectional doors, roller shutters, special doors, and sliding doors to parking barrier systems. Despite their versatility, our opener systems have a lot in common: they need to be 100% reliable on an ongoing everyday basis, as well as be safe and comfortable, and flexible and customised. 



Sectional door openers

There are many different types of automation for sectional door systems. Our range of openers reflects this diversity, offering  straightforward deadman use right up to fully-inclusive comfort features. Extra functions can be added flexibly at any time.


Roller shutter openers

These compact designs unfold their full power even under extremely confined conditions. Our flexible gear systems can be individually adapted or expanded to meet every requirement.


Sliding gate operators

For large, heavy and frequently used industrial sliding gates. All of our components are designed to withstand these extreme conditions. The control unit is also safely protected in a compact and weather-resistant housing. 


Reliable comfort for underground
and collective garages 

Comfort for everyone. But especially for garage operators, who can rest assured that only the right people will be allowed in. Special features make it easy to manage the many users. The opener system with its modular design can also be optimised to suit the particular use on the ground. 


Parking barriers

With our parking barriers for different heights and widths, entrances to underground garages, parking lots and works entrances can be reliably secured and enable authorised users to gain entry in a matter of seconds.