Garage Door Openers

After all, no two doors are alike. And each type of use is unique, too. Thanks to our diverse and comprehensive range of openers, we always have the right, and more importantly ideal, solution whatever your needs. Take a look and see for yourself. 



Garage Door Openers for Your Home 

We have the right opener for every garage door – whether you wish to automate an up-and-over door, a retractable up-and-over door, or a canopy door. No matter whether your door is big or small, lightweight or heavy, new or already in use, we have solutions to make it particularly fast, especially well lit, or use alternative energies.   


Reliable comfort for underground
and collective garages 

Comfort for everyone. But especially for garage operators, who can rest assured that only the right people will be allowed in. Special features make it easy to manage the many users. The opener system with its modular design can also be optimised to suit the particular use on the ground.