Garage door drives for your home

We have the right drive for every garage door - whether you want to automate a sectional door, a swing door or a tilt/canopy door. Whether your door is small, big, light, heavy, new or older. We offer you particularly fast solutions, particularly bright ones or also ones with alternative energy sources. Simply select your type of door and find the right garage drive for your home.

Comfort 300 Series

Convenience and efficiency perfected: Our masterpieces in white are the Comfort 360, 370 and 380 garage door openers. The patented blueline technology reduces energy consumption to almost zero whenever the opener is not running, while the innovative speed function simultaneously moves the door at maximum speed, both when opening and closing. Modern LED lighting also ensures the highest possible brightness in the garage.

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Comfort 200 Series

Fulfills all requirements: Our Comfort 260, 270 and 280 garage door openers are our true classics. Currently in their fifth generation, they continue to impress with their control system that reduces wear on the door, along with the resulting long service life and energy efficiency. The classic illumination has now been superseded by modern LED technology.

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Comfort 260 accu

The Comfort 260 accu frees you from the need for a power supply. The high-quality battery supplies the opener with energy for a long period of time. A display constantly shows the charge status, and the battery also signals well in advance when it needs to be charged. The battery can easily be disconnected and recharged using a conventional power outlet in the house. Alternatively, a modern solar panel can also be connected to the battery unit so that the battery is charged using sunlight.

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