Door and gate openers, controllers, accessories, and service

Openers for private use

Garage door openers for your home: We have the right opener for every garage door – whether you wish to automate a sectional door, a swing door, or an overhead/canopy door. Regardless of whether your door is small, large, light, heavy, new, or old. We offer you particularly fast solutions, especially bright ones or even solutions featuring alternative energy sources. 

Swing gate openers: There is almost no gate for which Marantec has no suitable opener. No matter how unusual your architecture is, we will find a solution.

Sliding gate openers: Whether you require a high-speed or powerful solution, Marantec automates your sliding gate, even particularly large and heavy ones. 

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Barriers and parking systems

Today's intelligent parking systems combine sophisticated software solutions with robust technology that can withstand the rigors of the weather. Parking barriers and underground parking garage doors are only the most visible part of these complex systems. In addition to online tickets and handheld transmitter management, the decisions made here are not only on the pitch. Our systems always operate at with the highest level of safety to ensure the protection of people and materials. We will help you find the optimal solution. 

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Industrial openers

Sectional door openers, roller shutter openers, sliding gate openers: We equip our customers all over the world with the right industrial door operators. They are economical to operate, environmentally friendly, and always feature the best individual solution for on-site needs.

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Door and gate controllers and operation

Our door and gate controllers and operating components are not just well-designed accessories. Handheld transmitters, keypads, light barriers, and closing edge safety devices determine how the product can be integrated into the workflow of your operations. Our industrial openers and controllers simplify your work.

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