Corporate Philosophy of Marantec GmbH & Co. KG

Marantec takes on responsibility, offers solutions and inspires, convinces and accompanies their customers.


Responsibility by innovation: As an international acting company, we develop, design, produce and sell high value products in the section of opener and control systems. We stand for technology leadership and innovation dealing with operator and control technique.

Offering solutions: With our product range, we offer custom-fit solutions. As one of the leading manufacturer of opener and control systems for domestic and industrial use, we offer our national and international customers high quality products. Our objectives is to fulfil the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.

Inspire, convince and accompany customers: Our complete team inspires its customers with strong products and a co-operation that goes far beyond selling our products. We accompany them with sustained service and openness for their needs.

Concepts offer orientation.


Customer loyalty: By the means of convincing service and high quality products.

Customer’s satisfaction: By the means of a permanent review of needs.

Expansion: We strengthen our international market presence.

Innovation: Permanent development of innovative products for our customers.

Get better: We improve production and company processes.

Open words: We optimise our internal and external communication.

Effective: We establish and use synergies.

Tolerance: Towards all nationalities, religions and ethnic groups.

Partner: We understand our employees, customers and suppliers as partner.

Protection of environment: We value nature and protect it.

Quality as attitude


Responsibility by innovation: It is our responsibility towards our customers, partner and employees to develop, produce and sell high quality products.

Our quality guidelines provide that we deliver faultless products and a first class service to our customers. Innovation and technological leadership are the basis for customer’s satisfaction. 

Enhance and secure quality: Our employees are actively involved in our quality securing and enhancement. With specific training, we claim and encourage the awareness for quality and responsibility. We work as a team. Hence, all employees are asked to contribute to the enhancement and development of our QM system.

Long-term co-operation: With our suppliers, we maintain a fair, partnership like and long-term relationship, with the aim to realise mutual success. 

Towards our partners and employees, we commit ourselves to realise requirements and to adjust our daily action to our objectives.