Swing Gate Openers for all Weathers

Outdoor gates and openers must be designed to withstand a variety of working conditions: rain, wind, cold and heat place high demands on the material and functionality. The use of high-quality, maintenance-free materials guarantees the longevity and trouble-free use of our openers which we strive to attain. Our focus is also, however, directed on the design to ensure our outdoor gate openers blend in with your gate to give a stylish, modern look.

Comfort 515, 515 L and Comfort 516, 516 L

The openers for lightweight swing gates

Our Comfort 515 and 516 opener series are just right for the job if you are looking to automate a lightweight one-wing or two-wing swing gate. Two different technologies which were developed for different conditions, but producing exactly the same result. 

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Comfort 525 series

The powerful openers for large swing gate systems

Extra strong but stylish: Openers in the Comfort 525 series for one and two-wing swing gates are designed with the focus on particularly effective power transmission for operating large, heavy gates, and also on guaranteeing extremely quiet operation. It's all a matter of taste: Either a piston moves in and out during opening and closing, or everything is concealed in a housing, as in Comfort 530.

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Comfort 530 L

The powerful opener for large swing gate systems, part 2

Just as strong and stylish as any openers in the 525 series, the only difference lies in its appearance - and that, as we all know, is a matter of taste. Comfort 530 L openers transfer force through a carriage fitted in the housing. In this way, the inner workings are hidden completely out of sight and are also protected from pollutants.

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