• SDO 35 series
  • SDO 35 series
  • SDO 35 series

SDO 35 series

The SDO 35 series offers both safe operation and flexible installation. Whether you wish to retrofit your existing gate with an opener or fit one of our openers to a new gate, you can rest assured that our openers stand for reliability and safety. Power failure? In this situation, the gear release allows manual operation. The SDO 35 series also provides a spur gear module 6 with 12 teeth that can be adjusted up to 150 mm in height, demonstrating real flexibility even during installation. 

SDO 35 400V/3PH

SDO 35 400V/3PH

Using the power of industry: This sliding gate opener leaves nothing to be desired. It moves gates of up to an impressive weight of 4.4 tonnes. Built in a high-quality stainless steel housing, it is based on a proven and powerful industrial door opener. 



Sliding gate opener with a frequency converter: the sliding gate opener for anyone who needs more power than their electricity line delivers. The frequency converter converts the single-phase mains voltage to 3-phase, giving the motor significantly more power. The result: Faster operation with a soft-start and stop function guaranteed to save wear on material.

Our range of accessories for enhanced safety and comfort.

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Comfort accessories

Universal receiver
Key switch in a key switch post
Key switch
Transponder system
Transponder code card
Transponder key fob
Induction loop detector

Safety accessories

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