maveo. Everything under control with Smart Home.

maveo is with you throughout the day. Your smartphone, which is always with you anyway, opens doors for you. Naturally it can be expanded with more and more functions.

Convinient, simple and intuitive

maveo connects gates, accessories and smartphones and makes your gates and garage doors smart.

Operate maveo intuitively using the maveo app on your smartphone or tablet. Setting up maveo is really straightforward. Use scenarios to conveniently tell maveo what to do when you arrive at home. Adapt maveo to your life with a few clicks through the scenarios.

The maveo box is easy to expand with additional accessories, such as Philips Hue smart lighting, the Netatmo smart weather station, or the humidity sensor. Convenient. Intuitive. maveo.

maveo Starter-Bundle für 1 Tor

maveo Starter Bundle for 1 Door

Totally smart, totally maveo: Forget your hand transmitter and turn your smartphone into a remote control for your garage door.

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Smart Home: improved quality of life

The processes in a home can be individually tailored to meet the needs of the residents. Intelligent, networked smart living devices provide improved security, enhanced comfort, in short: a better quality of life.

Improved security for you

Smart home lets you keep an eye on your home at all times. You can control and check on your home via your smartphone and the Internet, even when you are away. Check whether the garage and the door are shut from anywhere.

Give yourself time

Our smart solutions let you spend your time doing what is important to you. Routine processes in your home, in the garage, and at the gate is handled by maveo, according to your preference. 

Protecting the environment

Smart living saves resources while maintaining comfort. Smart control considers the weather, like strong sunlight or cold conditions. The individual preferences of the residents are taken into account.

Classy & durable: the material

All maveo products are made from high quality materials. With maveo, you enjoy solid appearance and durable components. Durability is one of maveo’s best features. maveo, the highlight of your garage. 

Equipping door and gate openers with maveo

Current door and gate openers from Marantec and MFZ can be equipped with maveo. Older openers can also be integrated. No need to buy a new door or gate opener. Garage door openers from mid 2012 onwards, and gate openers from 2014 onwards are compatible.

„Smart with maveo“ App

„Smart with maveo“ App: Everything in your mobile phone

Garage door, gate, lighting, or weather station, the "Smart with maveo“ app delivers all important information directly to your mobile phone. It makes your smartphone a convenient maveo control device, letting you do everything intuitively from the initial setup to the daily opening and closing of garage doors. No more searching for missing remote controls. Easy operation, full control. Access can be local via Wi-Fi or over a mobile data connection. The "Smart with maveo“ app is available for iOS and Android.

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