Digital Management 7 Series. Manageable radio.

A manageable radio system for parking lots, underground parking lots or company entrances.
The secure radio system for access systems.

Fast and comfortable

Collective garages, parking lots, parking garages in commercial properties have special demands on access systems such as hand transmitters: security and manageability.
Especially for rental apartments or company premises, there are constantly changing users who need access. Have your underground garages, company entrances or parking lots managed by a specialist and save time and money. You receive pre-programmed hand transmitters that the user can activate by himself - press twice and the hand transmitter works immediately.

Secure and expandable

The specialist company can reserve additional free places for hand transmitters in the system in advance. This makes it easy to order additional hand transmitters at a later date and to react quickly to new developments.
If the loss or theft of a hand transmitter is reported, it can be easily and inexpensively replaced. The specialist dealer pre-programs a new hand transmitter for the system and sends it by post. The data and the serial number of the lost hand transmitter are transferred to the replacement transmitter. With the first operation of the new hand transmitter, the lost transmitter is blocked immediately in the receiver.

The new radio system Digital Management 7 Series (DM7S) is equipped with a rolling code system and 128-bit AES encryption. Thus it offers highest security during radio transmission.

What DM7S offers

Digital Management 7 Series is a secure, manageable access system. It is independent of the drive technology installed in the garage, because DM7S works with any system. Easy handling by the specialist company in case of loss of the hand transmitter or expansion of the system. Fast. Comfortable. Secure.