Safety and comfort for industrial applications.

Dynamic - Practical accessories

Command devices  
Command 812  81077.jpg
Transponder reading electronics for max. 2000 users. Via code card
or key tag an impulse is transmitted, contact-free operation.
Command 802  47729.jpg
The transponder electronic reading device can be set up for a maximum of 30 users. Using code cards or keyrings, an impulse is sent to the operator and thus allows contact-free operation.
Command 701  151050.jpg
is a ceiling-mounted pull button with pull cord which can be used to send an impulse for opening or closing the door.
Command 620  563095.jpg
is used to shut the operator off in case of emergency.
Command 613  85075.jpg
A lockable pushbutton for the functions ‘Open’ –‘Stop’ – ‘Close’. By pushing one of the buttons the operator activates the door depending on the impulse in direction ‘Open’/‘Close’ or stops the door. The door position is indicated by illumination of the pictograms on buttons. Key switch for control voltage ‘Off’ is available. The pushbutton can be flexibly used as surface- and recess-mounted pushbutton. A system cable with system plug is included in the package.
Command 602  47772.jpg
is a 3-way push button for the door OPEN/STOP/door CLOSE functions. Command 602 can be locked and prevents unauthorised entry.
Command 601  45039.jpg
is a 3-way push button for the door OPEN/STOP/door CLOSE functions. Command 602 also can be used to lock the pushbutton.
Command 311  152238.jpg
is a recessed-mounted key switch (with an aluminium panel) for controlling the operator using a key. The switch can also be surface-mounted.
Command 231  69534.jpg
is a remote digital coder. By entering a 4 digit PIN code, an impulse signal is given for opening or closing. In addition, 1 channel can be programmed with another PIN code, e.g., for short-term access. Another channel can be programmed for external lighting. For use with the corresponding Marantec digital receiver.
Command 222  72873.jpg
Remote code keypad. Transmits an impulse for door OPEN or CLOSE
when entering a 4-digit PIN code. Additional channels can be
used for a further PIN code and external light.
Remote Controls  
Digital hand transmitters  64037.jpg
Marantec hand transmitters provide wireless door control. They work on base of the Marantec multibit technology. With more than 281 trillion coding possibilities, each transmitter is certainly one-of-a-kind. Marantec hand transmitters come as 1, 2, 3 and 4 channel transmitters, with wall and sun visor clips or a keyring. The 1 and 3 channel transmitter is available with a protective sliding cover. These transmitters can be used to control additional doors or external lighting. All hand transmitters are Homelink compatible and work on 433 and 868 MHz frequencies. Using the code-learning function, other transmitters can be easily coded at any time. Marantec hand transmitters are superbly designed with ergonomically formed keys preventing operating errors.
Digital 351, 352  76767.jpg
are universal receivers which can be installed for controlling additional loads, e.g. lights, alarm systems, etc. Digital 351 complies with protection class IP 32; Digital 352 with IP 65. Remote frequencies 433 and 868 MHz.
Digital 343, 344  73296.jpg
are universal receivers which are used for retrofitting all Marantec operator systems and foreign products as well as for when 2 channels are utilized – e.g. for traffic control and lighting. Digital 343 can only be used in dry rooms; Digital 344 complies with protection class IP 65. Remote frequencies 433 and 868 MHz.
Digital 180, 185  80271.jpg
are remote transceiver modules which receive and process hand transmitter signals. Remote transceiver modules work on the 868 MHz frequency.
Safety Technology  
Wicket door contact  564632.jpg
interrupts the closed circuit when the wicket door is open. The operator will not activate or stops.
The wicket door contact is mounted to the door leaf.
Special 820, diagnostic module closing edge safety device  89460.jpg
Diagnostic module for the connection with the connector units Special 802 (one side) and 803 (both sides).

The diagnostic module transfers information about the door leaf safety:
LED green = Power supply ok
LED red = Optosensor transmitter and receiver ok
LED yellow = Door leaf hold circuit ok (e.g. cable slack sensor)

The circuit board is fixed in the door leaf housing of Special 802 or 803 The LEDs are visible from outside of the connection housing. Thus an exact differentiation of the causes is possible.
Special 805 module for car-wash plants  87573.jpg
The special safety accessory for special requirements.
The new Special 805 for car-wash plants is a closing edge safety device optosensor for a use where high safety requirements have an absolute priority and the requirements are extreme, for example car-wash plants, production facilities of the chemical industry etc.

Special characteristics

  • Special isolation and special plastic housings with protection category IP 65 are prepared the way that no further safety measures are necessary

  • With adapter sleeves 11/15 mm and 11/22 mm all standard bottom door profiles can be used

  • Conventional cabling for an easy mounting

Special 802/803  81626.jpg
are connector units for the door leaf hold circuit with conventional cabling for the cable slack switches and a door locking switch. Special 802 and 803 have plug connections for wicket door switches and optosensors. Special 804 is suitable for conventional cabling.
Special 608, 613, 613-2, 614, 614-2  77558.jpg
are photocells which provide additional safety in the door area. If the light beam is interrupted, the operator system stops immediately – complete protection for people and property. The materials used are UV and moisture resistant and are integrated in an attractive housing (IP 65). Transmitter and receiver for the photocell can be rotated in all directions and simply adjusted. The Special 608, 613-2, 614-2 are equipped with 2-wire technology while the Special 613 and 614 have plug-in system cabling.
Optosensor sets  79550.jpg
are installed together with the Special 802, 803, 804 connector units. The set includes an optosenor transmitter and receiver, as well as the corresponding adapter sleeves and a ventilation hose.
closing edge safety device optosensor  8055326.jpg
must be installed for roller shutter door operators with the press-and-release function in order to ensure safety for persons and property.
Cable slack switch  78158.jpg
interrupts the closed circuit when the main cable becomes slack. The operator stops immediately. Cable slack switches are available in various models.
Special Accessories  
Variable shaft adapters  78997.jpg
ensure compatibility with all commercially available sectional doors. For "direct attachment installations".
Operator shaft assembly Dx 25.4 with adapter for spring shaft  77116.jpg
is used for mounting the spring shaft for flange installations. Diverse spring shafts can be used with the various operator shaft assembly adapters.
Mounting kit open roller chain  75023.jpg
includes the mounting materials and the operator shaft assembly with a sprocket when a direct attachment or axle chain operator installation is not possible.
Installation kit for spindle chain drive  75027.jpg
includes all the mounting materials required for connecting the axle chain/operator through a operator shaft assembly and for mounting the operator onto the slide rails.
EM 130 - individual traffic control  87544.jpg
With the new EM 130 the red and green phases can be programmed independently and optimally conformed to the respective situation.
Conventional traffic controls generally offer a red and a green phase. It can cause bottlenecks or unnecessary traffic jams, e.g. if much more cars want to leave a collective garage than enter in morning hours. The new EM 130 is very flexible. It can be optimally conformed to the respective requirements. This is very easy.
More information

Easy installing.
By means of a 4-wire cable the expansion module can be easily connected with the Control by easy plug-in. Ready. And in order to provide safety the system works on basis of 24V.

Ready to operate.
After connecting the module additional menus for individual settings are available.

Priority function.
Through a timer the door facility adjusts itself to the daily situations, e.g. green light in the morning hours for leaving the garage. The facility switches after receiving a request from the opposite direction.

Energy saving function.
In rush hours the automatic timer can be deactivated. It protects the door system and saves energy costs.

Automatic opening.
Through a connected timer the door can be automatically opened and can stay open for a determined time.

Emergency operation.
In case of a failure the door facility can be operated only by an authorised person because of safety reasons, e.g. by means of a connected key switch.

All settings can be comfortably made directly on the control unit.  Furthermore the control unit possesses potential-free contacts for connection of signal devices (signal light, buzzer).

By means of an additional remote module the door facility can be comfortably operated by a hand transmitter.